Domestic Violence: When To Get Involved

If you are over fifty, you grew up in an era when domestic violence was not talked about. Most people did not feel comfortable admitting any kind of abuse was taking place in the home. If a parent was cruel or mean to child or his spouse, it was over looked by friends and family. They did not want to get involved and practiced the principle of minding their own business.
This is a different era and now we are educated to know that abuse of any kind is wrong. No one should have to be bullied, hit, yelled at or scared for their safety.

Maybe you think you know about a abusive situation in your neighborhood or family. It takes a strong person to say they are willing to step out and help.

It is better to error on the side of making a mistake in order to help someone who might not be able to help themselves. Do not over look warning signs and pretend you do not know what is happening. Even if this involves family members who you love and care about.

There are help lines in your area that you can call for advice. They do not ask your name or any other information. They can give you the phone numbers of other organizations to call for help.

This is something all Americans need to do. We need to be aware of abuse in any form and not let it go on. It is our responsibility to our fellow humans. You could change the life of a child by helping them get out of an abusive situation. Women do not always know where to go for help and because it might mean they will lose their finical security or cause embarrassment to themselves or their family, they tend to want to hide the problems.

We are the eyes and ears of the young children we are in contact with. They count on us to protect them. Please consider this serious subject and do what you know needs to be done. Lets all work to stop abuse in our community.


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