Wednesday, August 11, 2021

All Currently Confined Inmates Report

ADAMSON,SHAWN DALE Male/Black Date of Birth: 07/20/1982 (Confined: 01/05/2021 at 13:50) War #:(A) Court Case#:2016CF242 1 Count of Class 3 Felony FELON POSS/USE WEAPON/FIREARM (WRIT FROM IDOC) Bond: $2,000,000.00 10% 720-5.0/24-1.1-A Offense Date: Confinement Reason: WRIT FROM IDOC Arrested on: by War #:(A) Court Case#:2016CF242 1 Count of Class M Felony MURDER/OTHER FORCIBLE FELONY(WRIT FROM IDOC) Bond: $2,000,000.00 10% 720-5.0/9-1-A-3 Offense Date: Confinement Reason: WRIT FROM IDOC Arrested on: by 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Stop the Violence 15 second video

Norman Taylor,Bruce Bennett,Troy Floyd,Robert Edwards,Alan Christensen,Leslie Quinn,Philip Sanchez,David Guzman,Adrian Johnson,Warren George,David Erickson,Christopher Chandler,Michael Howard,Ronnie Sharp,David Johnson,Carlos Williams,Jeremy Johnson,Robert Knight,Brian Barber,Edward Thomas,Lee Morris,Robert Wells,Mark Walker,Kenneth Kelley,Francis Jackson,John Lawrence,William Stokes,Joseph Olson,Fred Jackson,Albert Pierce,Charles Garcia,James Brown,Harold Bush,Jacob Greene,Leon Murphy,Jerry Hines,Thomas Craig,Darrell Allen,Joe Martinez,Martin Stewart,Gary Patterson,Daniel Summers,Richard McCoy,Jason Schwartz,Tony Taylor,Joshua Palmer,Donald Freeman,Daniel Butler,Micheal Brown,Alex Hill,Roy Garcia,David Moss,Jessie Garcia,Jeffery Murphy,Eugene Brown,Joshua Neal,Ryan Moore,Juan Lewis,Daniel Pearson,John Wolfe,Jason Kelly,Charles Hawkins,Ralph Harris,Maurice Ingram,Harry Duncan,Willie Taylor,Lloyd Lee,Ryan Carter,Nathan Kelly,Daniel Williams,Barry Coleman,Mark Blair,Bradley Rivera,John Garner,Steven Williams,Dustin Sharp,Ted Barker,Eugene Jones,Howard Scott,Steve Byrd,Troy Williams,Walter Ray,Richard Smith,Albert Cox,Philip Douglas,Brett Osborne,Troy James,David Baker,Matthew Carlson,Raymond Watson,Jay Jackson,Danny Knight,Robert Griffin,David Garner,Jay Brown,Michael Nelson,Elmer Sims,Joshua Hall,Keith Lopez,Anthony Price

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Stop the Murders, Stop the Violence, Stop the Abuse

 We are all deeply disturbed by the recent violence across our country and around the world. Murderous assaults on police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge; shootings of unarmed black men by law enforcement in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge; and the killing rampages in Orlando and Nice, France.

We created The SAFE Alliance to end violence and abuse, and our vision of creating a world without violence and abuse has never been more relevant.

Freddie Sanchez; Scott Stone; Daniel Nelson; Randall Mills; Michael McCormick; James Ford; Peter Martinez; John Burke; Terry Roberts; Stephen Nelson; Mark Parker; Marcus Riley; Daniel Shaw; George Hernandez; Charles Robinson; Jeffery Johnson; Billy Glover; John Tate; Victor Butler; Robert Evans; Andre Gill; Andrew Farmer; Justin Hill; David Schwartz; Carlos Schwartz; Paul Conner; Antonio Johnson; Donald Morris; Ernest Anderson; Kevin Greene; Raymond Frank; Douglas Baker; William McCarthy; Stephen Phillips; Justin Williams; Marc Hopkins; William Simpson; John Kelly; John Walton; Michael Cohen; Jonathan Bryant; Edward Garcia; Eric Palmer; David Fowler; Bryan Caldwell; Christopher Stephens; Kenneth Miller; Kevin Tucker; Matthew Newman; Leon McCormick; Robert Perkins; Jason Cook; Marvin Ball; Mitchell Shelton; James Brown; Gary Lopez; Jonathan Martinez; Harry Barnes; Jessie Long; Leonard Strickland; Adam Watts; Wallace Dawson; Jerome Hudson; Jason Saunders; Joel Wallace; Robert Smith; Marcus Cruz; Marvin Hill; William Harper; George Palmer; Edwin Carter; Bob Peterson; Roland Smith; Charles Collins; James Richardson; Vernon Ward; Todd Jones; Tim Thompson; Michael Collins; Tim Roy; Robert Daniels; Nathan Scott; Eric Fields; David Johnston; Manuel Bridges; Andrew Brown; Albert Anderson; John Cunningham; Jose Brown; David Hernandez; Robert Clark; Jonathan Young; Michael Herrera; Joshua Lyons; Michael Reid; Jeffrey Cooper; Samuel Woods; Terry Freeman; Floyd Frazier; Scott Christensen
Charles Adams; Melvin Hall; Willard Grant; Adrian Potter; Lee Hamilton; Alan Crawford; Richard Moore; Henry Lynch; Steven Smith; Christopher Harris; Dan Barker; Joseph Kelly; James Ward; Anthony Rodriguez; Corey Griffin; Tom Mendoza; Rick Jensen; Edward Rodriquez; Daniel Cannon; Douglas James; Willie Howell; Robert Lee; James Wood; Ramon Arnold; Jason Murphy; Matthew Campbell; John Smith; Cecil Thompson; Melvin Johnson; David Thompson; Chris Reid; Byron Davis; Dennis Barnes; David Hansen; Tom Harris; Ron Adams; Steve Wise; Donald Carter; Michael Lyons; Steven Douglas; Dennis Burke; Timothy Miller; Larry Mitchell; John Paul; Don Barnes; Terry Blair; John Ward; Joseph Duncan; Kevin Johnston; Paul Smith; Francis Jackson; Ronald Collier; John Klein; George Jensen; Eduardo Ingram; Roger Murphy; Ronnie Black; Donald Reynolds; Tony Morrison; Keith Curtis; Gilbert Garcia; Ernest French; Michael Ortiz; Dale Hall; Thomas Fernandez; William Roberts; Richard Hernandez; Howard Goodwin; Jorge Hubbard; Thomas Wells; Jack Sims; Robert McDonald; Timothy Brown; Adrian Howard; Joe Harris; Louis Gutierrez; John Gilbert; Charlie Sutton; Brian Dixon; William Ball; Juan Padilla; Mark Tate; Joseph Grant; Ryan Padilla; Jesse Collins; Michael Rodriguez; Matthew Hernandez; Jay Hernandez; Steven Burke; Joshua Nichols; Thomas Park; Robert Jenkins; Adrian Burton; Lee Cortez; Thomas Richardson; Micheal Moore; Kenneth Lee; Thomas Lewis; Frank Walker; Clyde Watkins

Stop the violence: speak out for girls' rights

James James;Robert Hernandez;Jeffrey Figueroa;Bruce Fields;Frank Adams;David Anderson;Edward Gardner;Fred Harmon;Alexander Reed;Michael Baker;Jordan Garcia;Adam Jimenez;John Hernandez;Jeff Patterson;Jamie Johnson;Jose Wells;Walter Johnson;Anthony Riley;Arnold Rivera;Jimmie Miller;Leonard Parker;Joe White;Dean James;Eric Johnson;William Casey;Roger Walker;Martin Hamilton;Timothy Sullivan;Ray Lloyd;Donald Elliott;Michael Scott;Matthew Fletcher;Robert White;James Torres;Douglas Adams;David Payne;Terry McDonald;Patrick Wood;Ray Allen;Thomas Gonzalez;Jason Banks;John Ramirez;Joseph Haynes;Willie McBride;Richard Gonzales;Lee Brock;Albert Gray;Charles Blake;William Bailey;Kenneth Smith;Harold Johnson;Jason Martinez;Derek Vega;Marvin McKinney;William Kelly;Daniel Floyd;Carl Rodriguez;Ernest Allison;Willard Harris;Mario Anderson;Jerry Dean;Ernest Morris;Raymond Hamilton;Arthur Jackson;Joseph Banks;Chad Johnston;Thomas Banks;Ricky Harris;Eddie Black;Clinton Burns;James Alexander;John Ortiz;Louis Floyd;Jeffrey Cooper;Gary Moore;John Beck;Anthony Brown;Kenneth Williams;Zachary White;Keith Page;Ted Logan;Michael Erickson;Derrick Thomas;Andy Ramos;Herbert Hart;Marvin Flores;Carl Powers;Rodney Phillips;Timothy Greene;Erik Simon;Dean Taylor;Salvador Riley;Richard Ingram;Douglas Burgess;James McCoy;Marcus Baker;Michael Saunders;Paul Stephens;Edward Anderson;Mario Hunter
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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


In 1993, the Council was founded as part of a nation-wide movement. Over the history of the Council attendance has expanded. Currently, there are currently 46 voting members and over 100 non-voting members. The Council is a coalition of survivors, service providers, and agency staff. It was founded with the mission of creating a community forum for developing, implementing and assessing a coordinated response to domestic violence in Lane County. 
The Council’s current mission is to reduce and prevent domestic violence through a coordinated community response. Administrative duties are shared by the Steering & Nominating Committees and the Council staff , guided by a well-developed set of policies. The full Council meets every six weeks. Council meetings include committee reports and an educational presentation. Meetings are open to the public. Agendas are available about two weeks before the meetings and minutes about two weeks after. Click here for Council meeting dates, agendas, and minutes. 
The Council has four active committees, which address the following issues:  Batterer Intervention: post-conviction intervention for batterers  Children and Family Violence: a comprehensive response for children  Justice: addressing domestic violence throughout the justice system, improving prevention and intervention in both civil and criminal matters  Violence in the Lives of People with Disabilities: exploring the parameters of violence in the disabilities communities, educating the community about both the violence and access, identifying resources and filling gaps in those resources as they become apparent.Community members are welcome to attend committees also. 
Click on the committee name above for meeting dates, agendas, and minutes. If you would like to be on the mailing list of the Council or any committee to receive minutes and agendas by email, please contact Council staff. Program Consultation Team: The Council can also coordinate a cross-disciplinary team of local experts in response to requests for consultation on domestic violence related program content or development. Consultations are typically one-time events lasting 2 hours, with a presentation by the requesting program and then feedback from the team. To request a program consultation for your agency or group please fill out the application and return it to Council staff.            

An Open Letter

(. . . from James E. Davis, Founder and Chair of "LOVE YOURSELF" Stop the Violence)

Dear Friends,

As the Founder and Chair of "LOVE YOURSELF" Stop the Violence, people often ask me "Why should I support your organization?" Well, the answer is very simple. If you care about the well-being and safety of yourself and your loved ones, you should support "LOVE YOURSELF" Stop the Violence. It's that simple.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Councilman JAMES E. DAVIS, (1962-2003) Rest in Peace

James E. Davis was born on April 3, 1962 to James and Thelma Davis. He spent his early childhood in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, then after a brief move to Long Island, his family returned to Brooklyn where they lived in Crown Heights.

As a young man growing up in Brooklyn, many influences shaped James' life. His father was a New York City Corrections Officer and his mother was a registered nurse. He was raised in the church and grew up in a rich, culturally diverse African-American, West Indian and Jewish community. In high school, James excelled in academics and sports. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Pace University, where he majored in Social Science and Youth Agency Administration. James is currently working on his Ph.D. in Sociology.

In 1983, an incident involving James and two New York City police officers left an indelible mark on James' life. One morning, he was in front of his house sitting in his mother's car. Suddenly, two white police officers approached, put guns to his head and accused him of stealing the car. While still pointing guns at his face, the officers dragged James from the car and repeatedly slammed his head and body against the car. Although his mother tried telling the officers they were making a terrible mistake, the officers ignored her pleas and continued their malicious attack. James was handcuffed behind his back and taken to the police station, where he was denied his freedom and held against his will. No charges were ever brought by the police. In addition to sustaining several bruises as a result of being beaten by the officers, James also suffered the humiliation of being falsely arrested and assaulted in front of his home, and in the presence of his neighbors.

All Currently Confined Inmates Report

ADAMSON,SHAWN DALE Male/Black Date of Birth: 07/20/1982 (Confined: 01/05/2021 at 13:50) War #:(A) Court Case#:2016CF242 1 Count of Class 3 ...