death of a Henry County jail inmate

On January 22, the staff of the Henry County Jail became aware that a female inmate needed urgent medical attention. Despite the efforts of deputies and the Department of Public Security, the prisoner died.
Deputies report that they did not see anything unusual during their regular rounds at the beginning of the night. In addition, viewing the videos did not reveal any obvious acts of violence.
The deceased inmate was identified as 32-year-old Elizabeth Roxanne Mickles from Martinsville, Virginia.
Crystal Ann Grimsley

An investigation that soon followed revealed that 25-year-old Rebecca  Stacy of Spencer, Virginia, knew that Mickles had used the suspected drug and stopped responding, but did not notify prison staff and did not allow other inmates to do so.
Investigators also found that 34-year-old Crystal Ann Grimsley from Bassett, Virginia, who was placed in the Henry County Jail on Thursday, January 20, hid a small amount of drugs in the body cavity at the entrance to the prison.
Stacey has been charged with one count of manslaughter in connection with the death of Elizabeth Roxanne Mickles.

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