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Tragic neglect: Texas mother accused of fatal inattention as toddler drowns at water park

  A Texas mother, Jessica Weaver, has been arrested and charged with child injury by omission after her three-year-old son, Anthony Leo Malave, drowned at Camp Cohen Water Park. Witnesses claim they saw Weaver engrossed in her phone, neglecting her child playing in a pool, moments before he was pulled from the water. Despite a lawsuit against the city of El Paso, alleging negligence by the water park staff and undertrained lifeguards, El Paso District Attorney Bill Hicks dismissed the claim as a "political stunt" in a press conference. Hicks emphasized that the criminal proceedings are focused on the state versus Weaver, and he refused to engage in a back-and-forth with Weaver's civil attorney. The tragic incident occurred on May 13, and Weaver was released on a $100,000 surety bond after her arrest in Indiana on September 22. The lawsuit contends that, despite available life jackets and posted signs about child supervision, the park failed to prevent Anthony's drown